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Site verification with Flask, start using the Webmaster Tools

written on Sunday,January 20,2013

This article is about the things that I've practiced in SEO Google App Engine.
First of all, I am beginner about SEO.
Therefore we introduce one by one for SEO that I practice
I want to continue to grow their knowledge.

This time, introduce registering your site with Webmaster Tools as an introduction.
So, Requires a Google Account. If you have not account, then create it.
Register the first site in the form below:

Webmaster tools register site

Next,verify the owner of the site,
Google provides two ways to verify a site - via a meta tag in your index page, or via a dedicated html file.

You just keep Routing in the following ways: If you are creating an application with Flask.

from flask import Flask
from werkzeug.routing import BaseConverter

app = Flask(__name__)

class RegexConverter(BaseConverter):
  def __init__(self, url_map, *items):
    super(RegexConverter, self).__init__(url_map)
    if len(items)>0:
      self.regex = items[0]

app.url_map.converters['regex'] = RegexConverter

def site_verification(verification_str):
  """Returns site verification content"""
  return render_template("site_verification.html",
  • site_verification.html
google-site-verification: {{ verification_str }}

You can use Webmaster tools , If verified your site.
So now, you can check indexing status and optimize visibility of their websites.:)


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