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Google App Engine Pipeline API

written on Saturday,January 05,2013

Web Crawler of Lakshmi Projects that I have made ​​is using Google App Engine Pipeline API.
What is Pipeline API? There is Framework that introducing in project page;
which can be connected together to operate as Cascade,It also allows parallel processing.
Introduce simple way to run using unittest that according to sample code:

import unittest
import pipeline

class DivideWithRemainder(pipeline.Pipeline):

  output_names = ['remainder']

  def run(self, dividend, divisor):
    self.fill(self.outputs.remainder, dividend % divisor)
    return dividend // divisor

class EuclidGCD(pipeline.Pipeline):

  output_names = ['gcd']

  def run(self, a, b):
    a, b = max(a, b), min(a, b)
    if b == 0:
      self.fill(self.outputs.gcd, a)
    result = yield DivideWithRemainder(a, b)
    recurse = yield EuclidGCD(b, result.remainder)

class GCDTest(unittest.TestCase):
  def setUp(self):
    """Initialize temporary application variable."""

  def testGCD(self):
    """Test for GCD Pipeline"""
    stage = EuclidGCD(1071, 462)
    self.assertEqual(21, stage.outputs.gcd.value)

if __name__ == "__main__":
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It is useful for concurrent jobs, Also support for Asynchronous operations as Waiting for user operations. which can to be more efficiency.
Google App Engine MapReduce is created by this framework.
Next, I will introduce Google App Engine MapReduce. coming soon:).


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